Case history and diagnosis: important in ensuring success and a promising therapy plan

Marcel Riffel

Bioenergetic findings

Ideally a patient sends us a medical history in advance and where possible a medical and examination report/laboratory results by email. Then we are informed in advance about the reason for the consultation. Our receptionist explains to the patient that any medication he/she is taking should also be brought along to the examination appointment.
When the patient comes to our clinic, he/she is given a medical history form, shown in the Annex, and asked to fill it in.
At the beginning of every bioenergetic therapy we obtain a bioenergetic diagnosis. To do this, it is necessary for you to know how to carry out bioenergetic testing. Here in the practice we work mainly with the Biotensor but also with kinesiology.
Over the years I have developed an examination procedure which can be carried out easily in 60 minutes. During the hour the patient is informed about what the treatment involves, which foodstuffs if any, must be avoided, how long ...

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