Opening of the Congress

Hans Brügemann, founder and executive director REGUMED,
and Mrs. Hermine Brügemann, executive director REGUMED
The motto for our 48th BICOM® Congress is:

Communication – the basis of life
The aim of our Congress is undoubtedly to share information – in other words communicate.
This takes place naturally through the presentations given and the workshops held, where therapists can communicate their experiences of using the BICOM® bioresonance method.
Yet, for many therapists, listening to the presentations is not the only reason for attending the Congress. They also enjoy the breaks in between, as it gives them the opportunity to speak with colleagues, many of whom have also become friends.
Because there is another important element to all communication, namely resonance.
Resonance comes in different “grades of quality”. It is possible to observe both a minimum level as well as an excellent resonance whenever we engage in a lively exchange of ideas and experiences. It is such...

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