Using information from the extracellular fluid for BICOM therapy

Dr. med. dent. Ernst Beereuter, Zurich, Switzerland

I should like to welcome you to this lecture and thank Regumed for inviting me. I will start by telling you a little about myself by way of introduction. I have been operating my own dental practice in Zurich for more than 20 years. My wife works in the adjoining rooms as a bioresonance therapist, complementing my predominantly conventional medical work. She has also actively supported me in the work, the results of which I am going to present in this lecture.

Sulcus fluid
We all know from our work with the BICOM® device that body fluids store information about disease and we can use this to treat conditions often before they actively bother us. This method can also be used in dental practice. Obviously the first thought is to use saliva which is easy to obtain. There is however another fluid which is secreted directly in small quantities around the teeth and which is admittedly less noticeable and available only ...

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Teeth as overriding interference fields in musculoskeletal disorders

Marcel Riffel, naturopath, Ostfildern,  Germany

Dear colleagues,
Dear friends of bioresonance therapy,
I am now in my seventh year as a naturopath working with BICOM® bioresonance therapy. Prior to this I worked for six years exclusively as a physiotherapist
– predominantly focusing on trauma/
I still remember one female patient who had persistent shoulder pain and who must have come to me some 30 – 40 times for treatment. Mrs K. had abnormal pain, could not raise her arm or splay out her fingers – everyday work of any kind caused her extreme pain or proved completely impossible. She categorically refused surgery because the results of x-rays and MRT scans, sonography, blood count, etc. all came back showing no problem. Nothing seemed to help, be it cortisone, ibuprofen, Voltaren or manual therapy, massages, electrotherapy, osteopathy or thermotherapy.
After a number of unsuccessful treatments I finally admitted defeat and told the patient that I ha...

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Linking physical symptoms to individual teeth

Christiane Herrmann, Naturopath, Berlin, Germany

People are preoccupied with teeth throughout their lives.
Small children find their teeth painful when they start breaking through and when they first start feeling them with their fingers. This can cause plenty of tears.
During school years the positioning of teeth may need to be corrected, with teeth removed to make room for those coming through.
As we get older, our teeth are often drilled, dental implants are fitted and root canal work sometimes carried out.
Whenever our teeth are giving us pain, this can leave us feeling unwell or even make us sick. It is only then that we recognise just how valuable and important every healthy tooth is.
It often means we can no longer chew properly or bite into whatever foods we choose and patients sometimes resort to softer, mushier types of food.
If their dentist is able to remedy the problem, then good habits are soon forgotten: brushing teeth regularly, cleaning in the ...

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