Therapy for headaches

Dr. med. Jürgen Hennecke, Aachen, Germany
Headaches are among the most commonly cited symptoms in general practice. They may be caused by relatively harmless stresses or equally by more acute disorders. Therefore it is necessary to complete a thorough internal neurological assessment before every treatment. Where headaches are a symptom of a serious disorder such as tumours, metastases, cerebral haemorrhaging, meningitis or a consequence of cardiovascular or metabolic disorders, conventional treatment must be used. BRT can provide support for the basic organic disorder or be used to help ease symptoms as part of a holistic pain management. Increasingly often we are seeing patients with functional headaches such as migraines, tension headaches and neuralgia. BRT can often uncover and in most cases treat the actual cause of the symptoms. 

1. Diagnosis
In the holistic treatment of headaches, it is essential to carry out an "energy diagnosis" (EAV, tensor, kinesiology) as well as obta...

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