Borrelia infection – the latest widespread disease?

Dr. med. Hermann Wagner, Böbrach, Germany
Laboratory diagnostics – sense and nonsense
• Antibodies are measured for borrelia, not the pathogen itself.
• That is to say the reaction of the body to the pathogen is quantified.
• An increase in antibody titre is interpreted as a deterioration.
• In the case of immunisations, an increase in titre is considered a success.
• Even the interpretation of the result is in itself contradictory.
• Successful therapy can definitely lead to an increase in antibodies. The titre is not suitable as a means of measurement when it comes to treatment.
• With diagnostics a positive titre only tells us that contact has taken place, but not whether the immune system has won the ‘battle’.
• Laboratory diagnostics are expensive but contradictory and ultimately unusable.

Conventional medical treatment
• Oral or i.v. antibiotics
• Can to a great extent help kill borrelia populations temporarily, therefore following treatment with ...

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