An emotional rollercoaster: ADHD in children and adults

Esther Röder, Naturopath, Hofbieber/Schwarzbach, Germany
First of all, let me tell you how I came to bioresonance and became a naturopath.
During the summer holidays of 2003, my daughter, husband and myself got to know the therapist Elvira CattuzzoObrist, a total stranger at the time, who runs a bioresonance therapy practice from her home in Portugal and who is present here with us today.
From the very first moment the chemistry was right between Elvira and us and a close friendship developed during subsequent holidays which has lasted to this day.
Bioresonance fascinated me from the outset, for Elvira was able to treat us for the most diverse allergies. Because I was interested, Elvira taught me bioenergetic testing in addition to bioresonance during my holidays there, and over the years I have been able to hone my skills.
In 2008 I decided on a change in my professional career and to devote myself fully to bioresonance.
In order to be able to practise this in Germany, I had the...

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