Amalgam clean up – beneficial therapy for multiple sclerosis patients

Dr. med. dent. Vera Maubach-Chandra, Monchengladbach, Germany
Dear Congress delegates,
You know me as a BICOMĀ® therapist with many years' experience. I've worked in this field since 1990. The way I practice dentistry has changed considerably through the knowledge I have acquired from the numerous excellent training courses run by the Institute for Regulative Medicine. At the time I still had fillings myself and obviously continued to use amalgam with my patients. But this soon changed.
To begin with, I only removed amalgam when requested to do so by my patients. Back then I still had my doubts as to whether amalgam really was dangerous. The turning point came when I encountered a female patient about 38 years of age, who looked like a plucked chicken. She had only a few thin strands of hair on her head. Over a period of nine months she had been examined by conventional medical practitioners and was finally discharged as "healthy". She came to me with one desire
-to have her amalgam...

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