Information – our nonmaterial life principle

Prof. Dr. sc. med. Dipl.Ing. Steffen Schulz, Berlin, Germany
”The most beautiful thing that we can experience is the mystery which lies at the birthplace of true art and science. Anyone who has not experienced this and can no longer wonder and no longer be amazed is as if dead and their eyes are blind”.
A. Einstein

An element of mystery also surrounds our Congress. It arises from that part of our everyday working lives which makes it so exciting. That subjective experience which cannot be explained by any objectively observable mechanism. And so, according to medicine’s view of man, it is not scientific either. However, it is hugely significant for our mission and in our lives.
This introductory remark was designed to highlight the contradiction between classical medicine’s scientifically outdated view of man and everyday practice. It also reveals the reason why our bioresonance therapy, just like many other complementary methods of healing, is still widely discriminated against as ...

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