An important aspect of treatment: the influence of the mind on the body!

Esther Röder
Realising the influence that the mind and soul can have on the human body is no easy matter!

That's why it may appear that, as a result of challenges they are faced with in their personal/professional lives, more and more people are suffering from chronic headaches and joint pain, as well as conditions such as cancer, ADHD, MS, depression, excess weight and general immune deficiencies. These disorders are often at the forefront of the sufferer's thinking and in most cases are seen as a purely physical problem.

When people suffering from these symptoms come into my practice I try to show them that any disorder can also be brought on by emotional and psychological factors, and that this is something they need to appreciate more fully.
I have found an energetic activity such as Reiki (universal life force) and energetic testing with the tensor (bio-tensor) to be helpful in this regard.
When making an initial physical/energetic assessment of the patie...

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