Treatment of psoriasis with BICOM 2000 in the sanatorium

Dr. med. Alojzij Medved, Portoroñ, Slowenien

Psoriasis is one of the most widespread skin diseases, affecting one in ten people. The impact of this visible and consequently very stressful disease is felt most strongly on a psychological level. All sufferers have a feeling of uneasiness, have the feeling that they are repulsive to others. They feel cast off to the far reaches of the world
It was many years ago as a young specialist that I first attended a dermatologists conference in Zagreb organised by Prof. Kogoj and his colleagues. In addition to the Yugoslavian specialists, there were also a number of participants from abroad, at that time the cream of expert knowledge in Europe. The main theme of the conference was psoriasis.

The umpteen papers addressed its distribution, hereditary factors, clinical picture, laboratory diagnostics and naturally the chances of curing the disease. Prof. Ko...

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Treating skin disease effectively, particularly neurodermatitis and psoriasis

Heike Angene, Naturopath, Eibelstadt

Dear colleagues,
My lecture today is primarily directed towards those BICOM users who, like me, do not yet consider themselves “old hands” and who are striving for greater effectiveness in treating two seemingly difficult clinical pictures, neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Since my early days with bioresonance I have repeatedly been able to identify similarities in case histories, above all with neurodermatitis. I shall devote the first part of my lecture to this.
Then, using case studies, I should like to discuss the most important therapy blocks and how to remove them.

Disturbed intestinal bacterial flora
A large number of children who develop minimal forms of neurodermatitis in the newborn stage were delivered by caesarian section. In other cases, the mother or the child itself was treated with antibiotics before or after the birth. Unfortunately we also find a large number of babies were not breastfed or ...

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