Gained in practice, for use in practice: Tips and tricks for practitioners

Dr. med. Wolfgang Rohrer
1 Introduction
This presentation draws on my twenty years and more of experience using the BICOM and is designed to provide both general and specialist tips to beginners and more advanced therapists alike.
I shall attempt to present the following tips in a logical order.

2 General tips, context
2.1 Write for your local newspaper

If you are a BICOM therapist just starting out in your professional career, you will be looking to get yourself more widely known. Make use of the public's thirst for information by offering to provide your expert opinion on medical issues to the editorial team of your local newspaper. Why not also submit an article to the editor on a topical health issue at the same time?
Compose the article using simple language where possible and avoid medical Where use of medical terms cannot be avoided, explain these in layman's terms in brackets.
Position yourself as a regular contributor of medical information, but avoid taking ...

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