Effective possibilities of a point therapy

SIssi Karz, Naturopath, Ag. Nikolaos, Greece
Dear Colleagues,
A year ago we were introduced to the new point-based adhesive applicators. Since then I have used these time and again with great
success and have achieved some spectacular results in the process.
Today I would like to introduce and warmly recommend to you the most valuable methods for making treatment of patients east er.
The first major alleviation for the therapist is brought by the
use of adhesi ve applicators for correcting the hyoid and temporomandibular joint
Whilst to date we have always worked at the input with the roller applicator with the patient standing so that the therapist does not get backache,now the same results can be achieved with adhesive applicators:
- to control obliquity of the jaw
- and at the same time also clearly remedy hip joint obliquity or at least clearly improve it
- and also remove laterality problems
The procedure could not be simpler:
In order to find out which side should be ...

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