Previously overlooked components of bioresonance therapy in physical and rehabilitative medicine

Dr. med. Matthias Kaul, Usingen
Dear Mr. Briigemann,
Dear colleagues,
Dear ladies and gentlemen!
What has bioresonance therapy got to do with physical and rehabilitative medicine?
Since 1996, I have been a specialist in physical and rehabilitative medicine, at that time the first and only one in Hessen, in my own practice. Previously I was in general practice and used bioresonance therapy, by means of BICOM®, mainly for allergy treatment.
Since becoming a specialist, however, I have used bioresonance therapy for my patients who are waiting for rehabilitation and who also receive other types of therapy included under physical therapy.
I imagine that at the moment not too many doctors in my field regularly make use of bioresonance therapy. I would like to report here on my observations.
First, however, I must say something about the expression „physical and rehabilitative medicine".

Physical medicine is the doctrine of and ...

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