Zero point energy and bioresonance — Subatomic communication in the biophoton field of cells

Dr. rer. nat. Hugo Niggli, Treyvaux, Switzerland
The biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp's biophoton centre was set up in the mid 90s near the "museum island" of Hombroich on the former NATO rocket base after the Americans vacated the site following German reunification. The island of Hombroich is a garden paradise, a fantasy world which the founder and initiator Karl-Heinrich Muller developed into a union of art and nature over twenty years ago. Together with the neighbouring rocket launch site he acquired, a centre has grown up here where artists and scientists, each in their own way, explore light and colour in harmony with nature

Biophotonics is a biological result of quantum processes, made accessible to a lay audience by Gary Zukav in his book "Die tanzenden Wu Li Meister" [The dancing Wu Li masters], published over twenty years ago by Rowohlt Verlag. "Wu Li", which means "physics" or "structure of or - ganic energy" in C...

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