Treatment of serious neurological diseases of children showing two cases including video demonstration of cerebral palsy (CP)

Dr. med. Hany Morkos, Heliopolis, Egypt

First, thanks are all to God for blessing this work.
I would like to address special thanks to my wife who gave me full support to my work along 21 years and still doing with patience and love. My thanks go to Mr. BrĂ¼gemann who developed and introduced the BICOM 2000 for the humanity and to Mrs. BrĂ¼gemann who kindly gave me this opportunity to present this study here. Also, I would like to thank Mr. Martin Keymer who gave me full scientific support along three years. I feel really grateful to all those four persons.
Also I would like to thank my staff Mrs. Kamel Magy, P.T., Msc., Mr. Hana Adel, P.T., and Mr. Saleeb Samuel who are working with me in St. Mary clinic in Egypt for physical medicine and rehabilitation. They generously provided a substantial effort to the accomplishment of this study.
Last but not least I should address my gratitude to Mrs. Shokry Nahed, P.T., and Mr. Labieb Remon, P.T., who are demonstrators in t...

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