BICOM therapy in paediatrc practice

Markus Grunefeld, Naturopath, Monheim, Germany
Dear colleagues,
I too would like to warmly welcome you to the 49th International BICOM® Congress in Fulda and share with you a few of my own experiences.
My presentation deals with BICOM® therapy in paediatric practice. Treatment success rates, indications and particular features of therapy as well as some instructions for administering therapy to young and older children is explained here in more detail. These observations are based on 7 years of experience and general use of bioresonance therapy in my practice. The naturopathic practice for children in Monheim am Rhein is one of the few services provided in Germany offering complementary naturopathy carried out by naturopaths in the area of paediatric medicine.

Statistical information
I will briefly give you some data and facts on bioresonance therapy from my daily practice.
From a core patient base of around 1,100 children at present, some 79% are treated with bioresonance ther...

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Treating skin disease effectively, particularly neurodermatitis and psoriasis

Heike Angene, Naturopath, Eibelstadt

Dear colleagues,
My lecture today is primarily directed towards those BICOM users who, like me, do not yet consider themselves “old hands” and who are striving for greater effectiveness in treating two seemingly difficult clinical pictures, neurodermatitis and psoriasis.

Since my early days with bioresonance I have repeatedly been able to identify similarities in case histories, above all with neurodermatitis. I shall devote the first part of my lecture to this.
Then, using case studies, I should like to discuss the most important therapy blocks and how to remove them.

Disturbed intestinal bacterial flora
A large number of children who develop minimal forms of neurodermatitis in the newborn stage were delivered by caesarian section. In other cases, the mother or the child itself was treated with antibiotics before or after the birth. Unfortunately we also find a large number of babies were not breastfed or ...

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