Borrelia – in dogs, cats, horses, and ferret too

Dr. med. vet. Solveigh von Jordans, Paderborn, Germany
I have now been running my own practice for 22 years.
Inspired by our good farm vet, Dr. Herbert Kampik, a former East Prussian ho, early on, was already an excellent homeopath, I have worked right from the start with alternative, as well as conventional, medicine. Methods of alternative medicine that I have been using are:

• Homeopathy
• Naturopathy
• Bach flower remedies
• Magnetic field and laser therapy
• UV light treatment.
Unfortunately I only came across bioresonance therapy at a very late stage
about four and a half years ago and have been using it increasingly often since then. What I particularly appreciate is the possibility of making a rapid diagnosis and of subsequently treating the patient quickly so that valuable time is not lost.
The issue of Borrelia infection has also been gaining in significance amongst our four-legged friends too in recent years. According to the latest findings, it is assumed that, ...

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Leopards can’t change their spots – skin disease in veterinary surgery

Dr. med. vet. Astrid Harte, Westerkappeln, Germany
My name is Dr. Astrid Harte. I live and work in a small village in central Westphalia. I completed my veterinary studies at the Tierärztliche Hochschule [School of Veterinary Medicine] in Hannover, in 1992. I then worked in various practices for several years before setting up my own practice in 2000.
I first became aware of bioresonance therapy through my daughter’s neurodermatitis. This was to be a totally new experience for a practising vet drilled in orthodox medicine!
I personally started working with bioresonance therapy in 2003. I didn’t realise at that point just how effective this form of therapy could be.
Since bioresonance was given the seal of approval by animal owners, I completed a naturopathy course and have also worked in this field with two-legged patients since 2006!
In the meantime, bioresonance accounts for approximately 80% of my workload and my clientele are an extremely mixed bunch, to say the least! My huma...

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