Pain-free: Using the Golgi points to treat heel spur, coxarthrosis and tennis elbow

Sven Peters, Naturopath, Kempten, Germany
The current situation is serious, with around 21 million people in Germany suffering from acute or chronic pain. Despite considerable medical advances, the conventional treatment of back and joint pain has deteriorated rather than improved.
Pain is the number 1 reason for sickness absence.
The risk of suicide is high with between 2,000 and 3,000 chronic pain sufferers committing suicide in Germany each year.
Surgery is not the answer since symptoms recur in approximately 1/3 of cases.
These figures show that we naturopaths have to adopt a different approach from that taught in conventional medicine.
Professor Veihelmann, President of the German Association for Spinal Therapy (DGWT), made an interesting comment in this regard:
“In 90 % of cases, backache has no discernible physical cause.”
So what does this statement mean for us as therapists?
It means in effect that the “pain” trigger is not the response from the damaged tissue, rather...

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