Mobility problems: when the musculoskeletal system is blocked – in dogs, cats and humans

Erika Kalbfleisch, Veterinary Naturopath, Darmstadt, Germany
Good morning
Dear BICOM® Therapy Colleagues,
Many thanks for inviting me to this year’s BICOM® Congress, the first I have attended as both speaker and delegate. Today,I would like to share some of my experiences with you. This may prove useful to other BICOM® therapists in the future, or could provide you with some food for thought or simply confirm to “old hands” that the methods they have always implemented successfully are actually used in other practices too.
My presentation focuses on mobility problems in dogs, cats and humans when the musculoskeletal system is blocked. As you all know, whether we are referring to humans or animals, the problems and also the treatments are very similar. Therefore,I am especially pleased to see in the audience today not only therapists working in the veterinary sector but also colleagues treating human patients too.
The subject matter cannot be limited to“only” one disorder. In fact, in s...

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