Banishing migraine for good

Dr. Hans Schwarz
Migraine is a chronic condition with constantly recurring stresses such as gastro­intestinal dysbiosis, problematic energy flows, stresses in the sleeping area and the need for orthomolecular substances. These are often accompanied by emotional and chemical problems as well as central allergies. The range of the headache can usually be attributed to one meridian.
The treatment concept is based on the content of the "toxin barrel", which is tested out for each individual patient and prioritised in the treatment plan. The 5 elements are stabilised during the initial sessions. I explained how I detect these stresses in a semi-nar entitled "An effective route to a holistic treatment concept", held prior to the 2015 Congress.

A brief, conventional medicine overview of migraine

The term comes from the Ancient Greek word ἡμικρανία hemikrania meaning "pain in one half of the skull".
Approximately 10 % of the population suffer from migraine.
It is three ti...

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