Bioresonance and miasmatic stresses: New opportunities for diagnosis and therapy

Gisela Wendler
My name is Gisela Wendler. I have been working in my own practice in Berlin for 21 years.
From the outset I have used bioresonance therapy in my practice, at first I started with Mora bioresonance, then used the Paul Schmidt method, and then soon switched to BICOM bioresonance, because I found the training for bioresonance here at BICOM the most extensive. I have remained with BICOM, at first the 4.4 model and now for about 7 years the BICOM 2000 device.
Certainly, as is the case with other colleagues, you attend many seminars, discover other therapy directions, and let one or the other influence your own work thus making the work in your own practice more and more individualised. One bioresonance therapist will then work "really differently" from another. (Many of you will know this from what patients tell you).

The work therefore becomes the expression of myself, my understanding of disease and my perception of a therapeutic approach with the patient with whom I ...

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