Study of the elimination of mercury from the human body by means of bioresonance therapy

Dr. med. dent. Anne-Kristina Baumann

This study proves once again that bioresonance therapy (BRT) is a suitable method for eliminating mercury. Tests have also been carried out on 19 patients to see how BRT can be integrated with standardised programs in a dental practice without taking too much time away from normal practice.
Patient stresses were checked using a DMPS test (AmtestĀ® ) and EAV testing before and after BRT. On average the stress was reduced by around 65 %.
Key words: Mercury elimination, bioresonance therapy, DMPS mobilisation test (AmtestĀ® ), amalgam clean up

For many years, particularly in naturopathic medicine or so called holistic medicine, amalgam has been the subject of ongoing discussion.
While orthodox medicine to this day refuses to acknowledge the toxic, immuno-suppressive and allergenic aspects of mercury, holistic medicine has embraced these facts wholeheartedly. The only real question now is how to remove mercury from the b...

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