Vaccinations: ingredients, heavy metals, implications

Jessica Rüther, Naturopath, Kempen-Tönisberg, Germany
Dear Colleagues,
I have deliberately structured my presentation for this year’s conference somewhat differently compared with my last paper three years ago.
We have to answer two questions several times a day:

To what can we attribute the patient’s symptoms or condition?
How must I treat the condition or what programs do I use?

I would obviously like to include a few treatment tips in my presentation, but: Your treatment is only as good as your earlier testing and diagnosis! Experience has shown that you can only test what you know and can identify. I intend to boost your awareness and give you some background knowledge about vaccinations (to use a generic term) so that this information will spring to mind next time you carry out tests.
And what’s more: I’m not necessarily against vaccinations. But I am critical. And I’m shocked at all the information on the subject that escapes publication. There are probably few areas of me...

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