Borrelia infection – what next?

Thilo Schank, Naturopath, Ottweiler, Germany 
Lyme Borreliosis
Lyme borreliosis or Lyme disease is a multisystemic infectious disease triggered by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium of the spirochete family. It can attack any organ, as well as the nervous system, joints and tissues. The disease occurs in humans and in all other mammals, as well as in birds. Transmission is chiefly by the wood tick of the genus Ixodes, and also in very rare cases by mosquitoes or horseflies.

Discovery and naming
The term ‘Lyme borreliosis’ stems from the names of the towns of Lyme and Old Lyme in the State of Connecticut in the USA, where the syndrome was first described in 1975 following the cumulative occurrence of joint inflammation in association with tick bites, as well as from the description of the disease as a borreliosis, which can be traced back to the systematic microbiological classification (genus) of the pathogen, named after the French bacteriologist Amédée Borrel.
The pa...

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The significance of underlying intracellular stress in chronic, rheumatic and neurological disorders

Alan E. Baklayan, Naturopath, Munich
Dear colleagues,
Over the last two years one particular parasitic stress has increasingly caught my attention for the following reasons:
1. its frequent appearance with chronic diseases, especially those belonging to the neurological field of diseases
2. the problems associated with treating it
3. the extraordinary success achieved by treating it carefully but systematically.
I am talking about all the intracellular stresses and, in particular, Lyme disease. Let us turn to this condition for a moment.

Lyme disease was first recognised in the United States in 1975 following a mysterious outbreak of juvenile rheumatoid arthritis near the community of Lyme, Connecticut. The rural location of the Lyme outbreak and the onset of illness during the summer and early autumn suggested that the disease was transmitted by ticks.
The active substance for Lyme disease was discovered by Willy Burgdorfer in 1982. Burgdorfer is...

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