Losing weight with Bicom: simple treatment using the body’s acupuncture points

Dr. med. Barbara Irmler, general practitioner, Munich, Germany
A few years ago, Mrs. Brügemann developed a treatment concept for overweight patients. Bioresonance therapy on the ear acupuncture points gives them invaluable support when attempting to lose weight. The theoretical principles and treatment stages are described clearly with a dose of humour in the Regumed text, “Lose weight – but how?”
Treatment lasts approximately 20 minutes. The acupuncture point applicator is placed on the ear acupuncture points and the respective programs are selected. If the therapist has several patients taking part in the weight loss program, then he/she must calculate the overall time required to carry out this session.
The ear is what is known as a microsystem, i.e. all parts of the body are represented here in reduced format, just as on a map. These reflex zones can be used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. Body acupuncture is carried out using meridian systems, which refer to the organs as...

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