Promising opportunities for treating parasites using blood and saliva

Sissi Karz, Naturopath, Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece
Dear colleagues,
Three years ago Herr Baklayan gave a very informative presentation on intra­and extracellular parasites, which inspired me and no doubt others to think about possible treatment opportunities beyond ampoule therapy.
In the summer I then made initial attempts with my colleague, Dr. Lang, at finding an alternative or supporting measure for treatment using parasite ampoules. The following method has since been introduced very successfully in several practices and has proven effective for a number of different disorders. For this reason I would now like to pass it on to a wider group of colleagues.
The initial idea was to work with blood alone, but the results were not clear or definitive. Only after a second swab with a similar quantity of saliva was added to the cup was it possible to arrive at clear statements using the tensor, with the same results also achieved using kinesiology.
For treatment each of the follo...

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