Introduction to the BICOM Congress 2006

Hans Brügemann, Gräfelfing
The theme for our 46th Congress is:
BICOM bioresonance methods – Joint pioneering work for the medicine of the future
Pioneers are trailblazers, bridge-builders. What do we have in common with them? We too are trailblazers; trailblazers for a new type of medicine. It is a huge, beneficent task, which brings with it a great deal of responsibility. We all have just cause to be proud of our revolutionary role. We are bound by the certain knowledge that we can offer real help, especially to those chronically ill patients who have often given up all hope of recovery.
There is a large group of patients who have already tried all options that conventional medicine has to offer and yet still do not enjoy good health. These patients are said to have exhausted all possible treatments. To be able to help these people in spite of this, and maybe to relieve them of their symptoms altogether or to achieve a significant improvement is more than many therapists dare to h...

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