Drug allergies and intolerance – neglected aspects

Dr. med. Rolf W. Sextro, Ober-Olm

Dear colleagues,
Each day we are confronted with assertions and claims of varying quality which we either accept or reject
a) based on our confidence in or mistrust of the person or media involved
b) based on our assessment of the accuracy, likelihood or feasibility of their content.
This and our own experience form the basis of our convictions, opinions and “doctrines”. I should like to encourage you to examine the way you accept these as a “matter of course”.
This paper aims to learn to consider and examine more critically assertions made by pharmaceutical manufacturers and testers, by those offering treatment and by diagnosticians as well as by patients. The same applies to our own past assertions. This will increase our chances of improving individual therapy and also reinforce our self-assurance as therapists or patients in the face of genuine or “supposed” “authorities”, for
“knowledge not only brings power but with it the ...

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