Infectious diseases and the BICOM method

Rudolf Haußmann, Naturopath, Weil am Rhein, Germany

We come across a great many infectious diseases in our practices. Particularly so because many so-called “banal” infections are often not properly treated in GP surgeries because the costs are no longer fully reimbursed by the health insurance companies.
Rhinitis often has to be diagnosed as sinusitis, bronchitis or a similar condition just to qualify for insurance funding.
The consequence of this – and this not only applies in my practice – is that an increasing number of these patients, who in some cases have been coming to us for several years with other conditions, are now
coming to naturopathic practices for suitable treatment. This often occurs in the knowledge that serious complications may develop from “banal” infections if left untreated or not treated properly.
The idea of “containing costs” doesn’t apply here, since treating these complications is generally more expensive than the original infection, wh...

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Treatment of infectious diseases in veterinary medicine 

Stephanie Dziallas, Animal Naturopath, Sandstedt, Germany 
My name is Stephanie Dziallas. I am an animal naturopath from Sandstedt and have been working with the BICOM® bioresonance device for about two years. When I lost my two Spanish dogs to leishmaniasis within six weeks of one another in the summer of 2005, I refused to accept that Allopurinol and Glucantime were apparently virtually the only way of treating leishmaniasis. Anger and despair over the death of my dogs spurred me on to search for other methods of treating this disease. Following extensive research I came upon the BICOM® bioresonance device and the success I have experienced in the past in treating chronic infections speaks for itself! I have now successfully treated numerous dogs and cats which were chronically infected with parasites, viruses or bacteria.

Fundamental procedure
Before starting treatment I obtain an impression of the overall constitution of the animal and decide whether homeopathic remedies or ph...

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Employing orthomolecular substances successfully in the fight against infectious diseases, chronic inflammation, allergic disorders, arteriosclerosis and cancer

Dr. med. Gottfried Lange, Elmshom
Ladies and gentlemen, colleagues,
The REASON I am giving this lecture is the following:
VITAL scientific information is available which has been largely withheld from us in the past — simply because its dissemination is not driven by commercial interests.
What is this vital information? How can it help us in our day to day work? What are the concrete benefits for our patients?
I'll give a brief summary: You can effectively curb or stop the spread of the following diseases in the body right away:

infectious diseases, e. g. flu, herpes simplex, pneumonia, cystitis
chronic inflammations, e. g. ulcerative colitis, gastric ulcers, polyarthritis
allergic disorders, e. g. hay fever, neurodermatitis, urticaria

Two examples of the results of treating cancer:
A Swedish research team led by Dr. Astedt, of Lund University reported on the treatment of breast cancer: »Metastases had already formed in the patient's ...

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