Terrorists in the immune system

Alexander Rijsberman, Dipl.Naturopath, Zug, Switzerland
I would like to extend a warm welcome from Switzerland.
It is very exciting to be standing before so many colleagues. It gives me pleasure to be permitted to pass on to you some of what I have learnt. I have made a discovery which I should like to present to you.
But first an appropriate saying from Confucius:
He who knows the goal can decide.
He who decides finds peace.
He who finds peace is secure
He who is secure can consider.
He who considers can improve.
Very often I treat the patient but make no progress. Perhaps you also find this. You have gone through all the therapy with your patient, treated all the central allergies such as wheat and cow’s milk and are simply not satisfied with the result. The patient presents with ever more exotic allergies which just can’t be reached. You keep coming to the same point, although at the start everything was perfectly clear. You are probably beginning to doubt your abilities.

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Vaccinations: ingredients, heavy metals, implications

Jessica Rüther, Naturopath, Kempen-Tönisberg, Germany
Dear Colleagues,
I have deliberately structured my presentation for this year’s conference somewhat differently compared with my last paper three years ago.
We have to answer two questions several times a day:

To what can we attribute the patient’s symptoms or condition?
How must I treat the condition or what programs do I use?

I would obviously like to include a few treatment tips in my presentation, but: Your treatment is only as good as your earlier testing and diagnosis! Experience has shown that you can only test what you know and can identify. I intend to boost your awareness and give you some background knowledge about vaccinations (to use a generic term) so that this information will spring to mind next time you carry out tests.
And what’s more: I’m not necessarily against vaccinations. But I am critical. And I’m shocked at all the information on the subject that escapes publication. There are probably few areas of me...

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Borrelia infection – what next?

Thilo Schank, Naturopath, Ottweiler, Germany 
Lyme Borreliosis
Lyme borreliosis or Lyme disease is a multisystemic infectious disease triggered by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacterium of the spirochete family. It can attack any organ, as well as the nervous system, joints and tissues. The disease occurs in humans and in all other mammals, as well as in birds. Transmission is chiefly by the wood tick of the genus Ixodes, and also in very rare cases by mosquitoes or horseflies.

Discovery and naming
The term ‘Lyme borreliosis’ stems from the names of the towns of Lyme and Old Lyme in the State of Connecticut in the USA, where the syndrome was first described in 1975 following the cumulative occurrence of joint inflammation in association with tick bites, as well as from the description of the disease as a borreliosis, which can be traced back to the systematic microbiological classification (genus) of the pathogen, named after the French bacteriologist Amédée Borrel.
The pa...

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Background stresses and treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

Harald Sievert, Naturopath, Hanover
Dear colleagues,
Dear friends of the BICOM® bioresonance method,
My paper today deals with a very serious clinical picture. Much is already known about this condition and I do not wish to give the impression that it is necessarily easy to treat MS. My experience and my successes (including some partial successes) have shown me that behind the MS are very typical types of stress which can be successfully treated.
In over 20 years of practice I have looked after numerous MS patients. I have been able to give a large number of them lasting stability and helped them to regain a good quality of life.
Stabilisation means fewer attacks at longer intervals (in terms of years) and, where an attack did occur, it would be significantly weaker than previous attacks, with fewer symptoms (either just eye symptoms or general physical weakness or mild ataxia) and often even without the need to prescribe cortisone treatment.
As I have seen over the years, these...

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