New scientific documentation on the BICOM bioresonance method

Hans Brügemann, Gräfelfing, Germany
When planning a medical congress there are potentially a number of different aspects on which to focus. One area of focus could be passing on experiences in order to achieve the best possible results in patients. Another aspect would be sharing scientific evidence which proves the efficacy of a method. Our congress programme is designed in such a way that focus is on experiences taken from the practice in order to help participants achieve even better results through use of the BICOM® bioresonance method.
But it is also important to present the case for the efficacy of and tolerance to the bioresonance method from different viewpoints even if we are not giving this area top priority. During our congress in April 2006 I was thus able to report on evidence-based studies concerning the efficacy of the bioresonance method. There were no fewer than 15 studies which were assessed by a recognised institute – the Institut für Datenanalyse und Versuchsplanu...

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