Incurable illnesses—extraordinary cases treated successfully

Sigrid Henrichmann, Naturopath, Mtinster

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to present to you a few cases which from a medical point of view are seen as (in)curable disorders.
Case study 1
One of my patients called me and asked whether I could help out a good friend of theirs who had some or other inherited disorder resulting in iron overload. Since I enjoy a challenge, as you will see, I said I'd give it a try. The female patient was suffering from haemochromatosis, a disorder which causes the body to store too much iron and requires the blood to be let every couple of weeks. Although the benefits of occasional blood-letting to detoxify the patient are acknowledged by naturopaths, but not necessarily for every patient, the iron deposits are not reduced as much as required, leading to anaemia.
The patient is 46 years old and also has raised blood pressure, which may have something to do with the haemochromatosis, and has therefore been taking an ACE inhibitor and ...

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