What role does the lymphatic system play in the treatment of chronically ill patients?

Bettina Decher, Naturopath, Frankfurt, Germany
Part I
Structure and function of the lymph system
The term 'lymphology' is understood as the study of the structure and function of the lymph system. We further differentiate between 'lymphangiology' and 'lymphadenology'.
1. Lymphangiology describes the anatomy, function and pathophysiology of the lymphatic vascular system.
Relationships between the lymph and blood vessel system:

lymph: a very special fluid (historical derivation, composition, quantity, transportation, speed of flow, drive)
the Lymph Obligatory Load (LOL) (water, cell load, fat load and protein load)
transmural fluid and substance exchange
filtration and reabsorption
tasks fulfilled by the lymph system:
drainage function
immune function
transportation function
the significance of the interstitium

2. Lymphadenology concerns the lymph nodes, tonsils, spleen, thymus, Peyer's patches and bone marrow and is closely related to the fields of Immunology...

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