Use of the BICOM cupping applicator therapy to treat hypertension.

Ilona Patz, Naturopath, Eilsleben, Germany 
I first learnt about cupping by taking part in the user days run by Regumed. Although “cupping” was a term I was familiar with and I had some idea of what was involved, the excellent presentations given by Frau Brügemann reinforced my intention to use cupping in my practice.
Anyone who, like me, has worked for more than 35 years with patients (I am a paediatric nurse and naturopath) often has the feeling that there must be an alternative to having to resort to chemicals. And even physiotherapy can often be painful, especially in the shoulder/neck region and the chest and lumbar spine, quite apart from the fact that detoxification is completely disregarded when using physiotherapy as the sole treatment.
I also treated myself to some informative literature, e.g. “Die Kunst des Schröpfens” [The Art of Cupping] by Hedwig Piotrowski­Manz (ISBN 3­8304­9091­7). She uses cupping for a number of illnesses, ranging from the joints to disorders relat...

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