An effective addition to BICOM bioresonance therapy with hyperactive children

Dr. med. Gottfried Lange, Elmshorn
All primary school teachers are probably familiar with them: children who cannot concentrate on anything, cannot distinguish between what is important and what is not, continually interrupt, run around the classroom and cannot complete a task. Children like this have made up at least half of all cases discussed in educational psychology for years [1].
Just one pupil like this is often enough to disrupt a whole class and sabotage any lesson. It is no wonder that teachers find such behaviour too much for them and fellow pupils are irritated by it. Not to mention parents who despair in the face of constantly being called into school, school punishments or bad marks. For years all those involved have been grappling with the problem of how to handle children like this. Recently a solution appears to have been found to these problem cases, in the form of a small pill. Taken one hour before the start of school, it transforms the ...

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