Standardised method of treatment for allergy induced disorders

Dr. med. Gerhard Rummel, Rheinstetten Forchheim, Germany 

My medical work completely changed when I introduced bioresonance into my general practice over 14 years ago. For the first time it was actually possible for me to cure chronic illnesses on a lasting basis and consequently work effectively at last and not regularly feel powerless in my treatment. After years of suffering, hope became a genuine concept for my patients.
Bioresonance will revolutionise medicine in years to come despite opposition from academics and their often arrogant attitude.
Over the course of time, experience from results has led to standardised therapy with considerably simplified methods of application resulting in virtually all allergicallyinduced illnesses being cured longterm in over 90% of cases. These figures do not just mean that symptoms improved for a limited time but that patients were permanently symptomfree requiring no further therapy.
If, however, you read a publication in Al...

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