Bioenergetic therapy of the shoulder joint

Marcel Riffel, Naturopath, Ostfildern, Germany

1. Introduction
Dear colleagues,
Two years ago the Congress took as its slogan “Working together to expand medical horizons”. One or two of you may remember my presentation and workshop on treating spinal problems through the teeth.
The horizon is the boundary line between the visible earth and the sky and viewed from my professional perspective between physiotherapy/osteopathy and the bioresonance method. “Horizon” comes from the Greek and literally translated means “the field of vision”.
Surely expanding horizons means combining traditional knowledge (physiotherapy and osteopathy) with new knowledge (bioresonance therapy)? That is to say, to broaden horizons based on everything learnt, to maintain this and with the help of many holistic treatment philosophies, develop them further?
That’s my concept of broadening horizons at any rate. From this perspective I hope that with my presentation I will be able to give you new incentives...

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