The inner fire: hormonal control as the basis for efficient bodily function

Dr. med. Wolfgang Rohrer, Klosters, Switzerland

1. General information
Complex systems imply sophisticated control mechanisms. These, in turn, rely on a wellfunctioning communication system. In short, complex systems cannot function without communication and control!
With other living organisms, the hormones may be named differently but the controlling principles for cell and body function are completely identical.
I would now like to discuss the extremely important role of hormone regulation in the human body.
Standard examples:

Car: Electronics – Signal transmission – Engine function
Engine function – Signal transmission – Electronics
Humans: Brain – Nerves and hormones – Cell function
Cell function – Nerves and hormones – Brain
2. Hormones, Physiology
Hormones are biological signal mediators and were discovered in the early part of the 20th century. The word comes from the Greek term hormãn meaning to drive forward or stimulate. Chemically, hormones encompass both sma...

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