When hormones get out of control: restoring hormonal balance

Brigitte Jocher, Naturopath, Osten, Germany
Aim of the presentation
Introducing a combination of bioresonance and hormone therapy which has proved highly effective in the management of socalled “bioresonance treatment failures”.
In cases where patients present with general symptoms such as exhaustion, joint and muscle pain, sleeping problems, depression and similar conditions, but no improvement is seen after several sessions of bioresonance therapy, we have found that hormone analysis and bioidentical hormone therapy based on these analytical findings will prove beneficial. Following successful hormone regulation, bioresonance can take full effect and trigger the improvements you would fully expect to see in “normal” patients.
This suggests the following hypothesis:
BICOM® therapy requires the presence of hormones in order to function effectively.
1st session

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Bioenergetic t...

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