Borrelia – in dogs, cats, horses, and ferret too

Dr. med. vet. Solveigh von Jordans, Paderborn, Germany
I have now been running my own practice for 22 years.
Inspired by our good farm vet, Dr. Herbert Kampik, a former East Prussian ho, early on, was already an excellent homeopath, I have worked right from the start with alternative, as well as conventional, medicine. Methods of alternative medicine that I have been using are:

• Homeopathy
• Naturopathy
• Bach flower remedies
• Magnetic field and laser therapy
• UV light treatment.
Unfortunately I only came across bioresonance therapy at a very late stage
about four and a half years ago and have been using it increasingly often since then. What I particularly appreciate is the possibility of making a rapid diagnosis and of subsequently treating the patient quickly so that valuable time is not lost.
The issue of Borrelia infection has also been gaining in significance amongst our four-legged friends too in recent years. According to the latest findings, it is assumed that, ...

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Water as an information carrier Principles, medicinal and physical effects

Dipl. Ing. Dr. techn. Horst Felsch, Chemist, A 6391 Fieberbrunn, Austria
The title immediately raises a number of questions:

how can water store information?
what special molecular structure enables it do this?
does water occupy an exceptional position in nature?
why is water essential for all biological life?

If a patient wants to have his small intestine medically examined, then there are basically two methods: in the endoscopic method a flexible probe with a small camera on the end is introduced into the evacuated intestine. The doctor can find out about the state of the intestine directly by looking at a screen.
In the slightly older method, that of radiological examination, it was necessary for the patient to swallow a contrast medium, usually a barium sulphate suspension.
This suspension was made by stirring a certain quantity of solid barium sulphate into water and the patient drank 1 litre or more of this mixture. Radiolog...

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Surprises revealed in the course of therapy by case histories

Michaela Garbotz, Naturopath, Leipzig

Ladies and gentlemen,
I should like to tell you about some instances from my practice as surprising revelations from patients' case histories always give me inspiration for their cases.
When I first started up in practice in 1994 I had no inkling of what was in store for me, of the conditions patients come to us with.
In line with Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, Art. 2 of Organon, 6 th edition, the only pretension for me was:
"The highest ideal in healing is to restore health rapidly, gently and permanently or to improve and destroy the illness in its entirety in the quickest, most reliable, least harmful way possible for clearly understandable reasons."
The difficult situation in which we naturopaths find ourselves was revealed after just a few consultations. People who present to a naturopath are generally frustrated, all the medical options have been exhausted or they have been diagnosed as incurable or psychosomatic.
What was Ito...

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