Tumours: holistic diagnosis and therapy

Christiane Herrmann, Naturopath, Berlin, Germany

The origins of a tumour
If cell division in certain tissues of our body gets out of control, then cells multiply extraordinarily quickly, which can then lead to the development of a tumour. This may be malignant or benign. Only a malignant tumour is called cancer. Cancer can be the consequence of a genetic predisposition, external factors such as exposure to radiation or contact with chemical substances or viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites.
Tumours upset the equilibrium of a healthy organism causing damage to organs. In modern industrial nations cancer is one of the most common causes of death.
If people are diagnosed with a tumour this triggers feelings of shock and helplessness. We look for options to help these people deal with their illness in the best possible way.
Patients are faced with questions such as:
Why me?
How can I get well again as quickly as possible?
Where can I get advice, help and the right treatment?

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