Animal protection – holiday season

Animals during holidays

Every pet owner knows how difficult it can be when the holidays are approaching. Can the animal be taken on the trip, would it be better to leave it at home or rather in a boarding kennel?

BICOM practitioners can solve that problem by offering various tried and tested programs, which will make the life of the animals and their owners easier.

When animals have to be brought to boarding kennels:

  • Progr. 535 (depression endocrine)
  • Progr. 960 (autonomic nervous system disorder)
  • Progr. 900 (activating vitality)
  • Progr. 127 and 128 (harmonising)

Transmit the information of these programs to BICOM drops for the animal to have 5 drops twice a day while it is in the kennel – or you can store the information on the BICOM patch and attach it to the inner side of the collar.

For producing the drops or the patch, a secretion (saliva or blood) of the animal is put in the input beaker.

When animals are taken on a drive

In case of nausea while driving:

Have cocculus from a pharmacy, potentiate it with the potency that the animal needs (please test individually!), transmit the information to drops and give 5 drops 15 minutes before the ride. Repeat this during the ride when needed.

When temperature rises during the ride

  • Program. 970 (blood pressure balance) and
  • Program 127 (blood pressure balance, harmonising)

Make BICOM drops, give 5 drops before the ride, then repeat when needed or use patch.


Still please make sure that animals are not exposed to a lot of heat in cars!

Heat stroke

  • Program. 970 and 127
  • Program. 432 (burns) and
  • Program. 128 (harmonising)

Make BICOM drops, give 5 drops, then repeat when needed or use patch.

Drives to tournaments, e.g. horse tournaments or other animal sport events

Transmit the information of the circulation ampoule from the 5-Element kit, with amplification 64, to drops. Give 5 drops when needed and then repeat it several times if necessary.