Histamin intolerance – a disorder with many faces

Dr. med. Jörg Reibig, Falkenberg, Germany
Dear colleagues,
Histamine intolerance (HIT) is the cause of numerous chronic conditions and is in fact a disorder with many facets. Unfortunately it often goes undetected. Patients have frequently spent a number of years fruitlessly visiting doctors and clinics, leading to frustration or even depression. Often they hear from the doctors treating them that it's nothing, it's psychological, or there's nothing that can be done, or that it's simply an iron deficiency, or that their stools need to be checked for parasites given their recurring diarrhoea. I myself have been closely involved in treating this disorder since I attended a workshop in Potsdam in May 2011, followed by an intensive discussion with Prof. Reinhart Jarisch from Vienna.
This discussion centred on the diagnostic options available and on whether the condition can in fact be treated at all. This is the subject of his book Histamine Intolerance, Histamine and Seasickness...

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