The healthy therapist: self-treatment option

Norbert Lindner, Naturopath, Zeuthen, Germany
Dear Colleagues,
I would like to thank you for your interest in what I have to say and would like to talk to you in more depth about the “options available for treating yourself.
For eight years I have been working with BICOM® bioresonance therapy and there is nothing I can add that you do not already know about its successful mode of action. During these eight years I have been here in Fulda four times and time and again am thrilled by the options and the quality of the therapy on offer.
I have always followed with great interest the lectures linked to my colleagues’ reports of their experiences. At the same time, I have noticed that all the lectures focus on the treatment and healing of our patients and not one speaker has spoken about the opportunities for self treatment.
At the time I was alarmed about how very little I carry out treatment on myself. It would interest me at this point to know which of my colleagues here regularly c...

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