A good anamnesis saves time

Ulrike Ritz, Naturopath, Warendorf, Germany
Good day to you, ladies and gentleman!
First of all I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Ulrike Ritz and I have been working as a naturopath for 13 years in my own practice in Warendorf, Münster. Diagnosis and therapy using BICOM® technology formed the focus of my practice from the very beginning and I can confirm that after switching to BICOM 2000 in 2005 I have enjoyed much more therapeutic success.
I am certain that through the seminars, workshops and further training held by Regumed most of you are able to make good, if not very good, diagnoses which go beyond normal medical diagnostics. Nevertheless, regardless of whether we are beginners or renowned experts, we should never forget that every diagnosis starts with a good case history. This is a fact recognised even by long-established conventional medicine whereby a study carried out in Spring 2006 confirmed that, statistically speaking, a doctor who listens to his pat...

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