Hans Brügemann, founder and executive director REGUMED, Gräfelfing, Germany
When I began to publicise bioresonance therapy back in 1978, only 10 people were actually in a position to apply treatment using frequency patterns from the body and from naturally produced substances. It was an innovation available nowhere else in the world. The devices used at that time did not have a test section, so I borrowed test devices from other
exhibitors to demonstrate their efficacy. I quickly found doctors and naturopaths who were very receptive and switched on, for whom Dr. Morell and I could make this new option a reality, particularly through demonstrations based on EAP testing. The following year, in 1979, two congresses took place involving bioresonance therapists only. Of course, the number of participants could in no way be compared to the congresses held nowadays.
Since then almost everyone involved in medicine in Germany has become familiar with the term bioresonance therapy and many ar...

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Welcome Address

Mr.Hans Brügemann, founder and executive director REGUMED
Dear Members of our International Medical Working Group tor BICOM bioresonance therapy,when I first met Dr. Morell in 1974 and heard about his inspired idea of using frequency patterns taken from the body and other substances for the purposes of diagnosis and therapy, it heralded a new era in medicine. We now take much of this early development for granted and rarely give it much thought. Yet our working group is in many ways an elite group making significant strides in medicine in an entirely new and previously unexplored area. The concept of using the body's own energy patterns as the starting point for diagnosis and therapy is one that continues to offer unrivalled precision in medicine.
Your input in our International Medical Working Group is helping to establish this new discipline, which proves so beneficial to patients. Each of the Congresses staged by our working group represents another key milestone in the furt...

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Welcome and opening of the Congress

Hans Brüggemann, founder and executive director REGUMED
Dear Congress participants,
May I thank you all for coming to this our 55th International BICOM® Congress. Special thanks to those of you who have had a long journey to get here, but welcome to everyone else too.
The theme for this year's Congress is Bioresonance: ingeniously simple, simply ingenious.
What do we mean by simple?
Duden, the renowned German dictionary, gives the following definition: "easily understood — easy to implement — uncomplicated". If we study the bioresonance method in an unbiased and open manner, we see that it really is easy to understand.
Here is a list of the few salient facts needed to understand the BICOM® bioresonance method:

All matter living or dead transmits frequency patterns/information.
These frequency patterns can be picked up with the aid of conductive applicators.
These contain all physiological and pathological frequency patterns.
When inverted and fed back to the body,...

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