Optimum use of the body’s own substances in BICOM bioresonance therapy 

Karin Heine, Naturopath, Munich, Germany 
Endogenous (body’s own) substances – do we really appreciate what a valuable resource, what inestimable potential these present?
They actually represent our own pharmacy, our very own software from or with which, in principle, it is possible to cure almost everything.
Applying acupuncture to this potential with acupuncture needles, for example, is also beneficial as balancing the energy restores the body’s harmony. In other words, rectifying the shortage where there is a deficiency or channelling the excess where there is too much energy.
I have deliberately used the phrase endogenous substances as, in addition to body fluids such as blood, saliva, lymph and urine, everything else which the body produces or excretes, hair and nails for example, can be placed in the input cup as information.
You have probably gathered from introductory seminars that you can work with blood, sputum, urine or stool in the input cup and have maybe incorporated...

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