Allergies and fluoride

Dr. med. Michael Jaecks (†), Euskirchen-Kirchheim, Germany 
How does fluoride behave? Does it affect respiratory and skin disease?
“The practice of the art of medicine should not follow from theory, but the reverse, theory should follow from practice. The essence of a disease remains an unknown quantity until we have found the true remedy.” Rademacher 1848.
How did I become aware of the problem with fluoride?
If fluorine or fluoride are mentioned today, people immediately think of dentistry and caries. Until 1983 I did not know much about the biological significance of fluoride other than it is important for bones and teeth since it is a constituent of “apatite” which is apparently responsible for the hardness of this tissue. At least that is what I had learnt in the past. There was no reason for me to doubt this either. As I have since discovered, I was in good company in my ignorance.
In the 1970s a large plant was successfully introduced in Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz) in the GD...

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