Vaccination burdens in veterinary medicine, effects and therapy possibilities of BRT

Thomas Ganswindt, veterinarian and non-medical practitioner, Berlin

Ladies and Gentlemen,

These remarks follow my last paper which my highly esteemed colleague Martin Keymer delivered in my place at the 1999 colloquium.

Apart from the subject of vaccinations I also wish to report new findings on borreliosis and CEE, both of which are diseases transferred by ticks. These diseases are not only interesting to veterinarians, but also play a central role in human medicine.

The subject of vaccinations is a sensitive issue. The rabies vaccination but also others are for example prerequisites for entry into other countries or necessary for taking part in certain events (breeding exhibitions, sporting events). For entry into Sweden and Norway, and nowadays also into Great Britain, a sufficient rabies antibody (Ab) titre must be proven.

This means that even if there is no danger of infection (e. g. in the case of a house cat who istaken to a holiday home in Norway), vaccination ...

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