Fibromyalgia, a chameleon among diseases

Dr. med. Annette Johnson
General Practitioner for Naturopathy and Rescue Procedures, additional designation for Acupuncture; Focus on fibromyalgia, borrelia infection and food intolerances.
FIBROMYALGIA "Imagined and incurable" or a palpable fascia disorder of unknown aetiology?
Fibromyalgia, a chameleon among diseases
This disorder hides behind a whole range of symptoms:
Is it simply an "imagined and incurable disease" or a palpable fascia disorder that can be tackled successfully depending on the aetiology?
Fibromyalgia has been recognised as a disease by the WHO since 1992 but its existence is often denied by conventional medical practitioners and those affected are often unjustifiably pushed into the psychosomatic corner instead of receiving the support they deserve from those who have taken the Hippocratic Oath.
Our patients with fibromyalgia syndrome suffer from symptoms that cannot be adequately explained in today's conventional medical understanding while we continue to ...

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Diagnosing and treating rheumatism and fibromyalgia

Gabriele Matthey, Naturopath, Hamburg

I should like to say right at the outset that my Hamburg practice is not a conventional rheumatism practice nor do I specialise exclusively in the treatment of painful joints.
We are a "special" practice in the sense that we carry out detective work and sort out cases. Those who know me, know that my hobby is fundamental "detective work" and that identifying connections gives me great pleasure and keeps me motivated.
I use various means to obtain the patient's case history and work with various test methods. A traditional blood count and metabolic profile is as much a part of our work as EAV and emotional testing with Bach flower remedies. Curiosity is always a necessary element, allowing oneself to be affected while concentrating on the essentials and what is feasible.
Serious illnesses such as the field of rheumatic diseases require one to think in terms of connections and a cross-linking of systems.
I could actually end my p...

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Chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia

Andrew Barrie PhD, and Mrs D. Anna Barrie, non-medical practitioners, Adelaide, Australia 
The purpose of this paper is to share the experiences and successes of our clinic in Australia where we have been using the bioresonance method since 1998 after training in England. Initially we were seeing 60-70 patients per week but currently we see only half this number to make time for training and support of other therapists in the region as we are also the Regumed representatives. We pass on enquiries for simple treatments to other therapists and mainly see ‘difficult’ cases, often as referrals from other BICOM® therapists or medical practitioners with a positive attitude towards bioresonance. Our findings from Australia are not only relevant to practitioners in Australasia and Asia but also to practitioners anywhere because people now travel so widely for business or holiday. There is also evidence that global warming is causing diseases carried by insects to be moving into ...

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